Great Warintorn, Kimmy Kimberley, and Mint Chalida revealed about their new TV dramas

Great Warintorn, Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas, and Mint Chalida revealed about their new TV dramas.

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Great Warintorn

On July 26, Great Warintorn attended the TV show ‘3 Zaap’. The actor revealed that his new TV drama “Dao Kon La Duang” almost finishes filming.

Also, he will have 2 more new TV dramas. According to the recent news, Great Warintorn will play the leading role in the new drama remake “Plerng Payu” with Ice Preechaya.

Another new TV drama has revealed who will play alongside him.

Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas

Kimmy Kimberley revealed that she will have the costume fitting for her role in the new TV drama next month. But, she hasn’t revealed who will play the leading actor alongside her.

Mint Chalida

Photo: IG mint_chalida, kimmy_kimberley, great_rider10

Mint Chailda will have a new TV drama soon. The actress hinted that she worked with this leading actor in the past.



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