Great Warintorn, Supaporn Wongtuaythong, And More Are Cast In A New TV Drama

According to the source, Great Warintorn, Supaporn Wongtuaythong, Phet Thakrit, Pop Thagoon, Mew Luknara, and more are cast in a new remade TV drama ‘Dao Kon La Duang’ which will be produced by Arlong Junior.

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The production holds the costume fitting on 23 July 2019 and will start producing on 13 August 2019. It’s the first time for Great Warintorn and Supaporn Wongtuaythong to play a couple but their chemistry is great.

The original version of a TV drama ‘Dao Kon La Duang’ was broadcasted in 1999 on Thai Channel 7 starring Pete Thongchua, Aon Kevlin, and more.

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