Gulf Kanawut with his beautiful and talented co-stars

Gulf Kanawut is a multi-talent Thai actor who is well-known for his role in “TharnType: The Series”.

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In March 2021, a popular star officially joined the big channel Thai TV3.

Then, he has worked with famous Thai actresses in dramas and also MV.

Janie Thienphosuwan

Currently, the actor is filming the new drama “You Are My Makeup Artist” with the top actress Janie Thienphosuwan.

Bow Maylada

IG bow_maylada

Both Gulf Kanawut and Bow Maylada have the same manager named Berm. Also, they starred together in the music video “Tuk Wan Dai Mai”.

Anne Thongprasom

IG annethong

Reportedly, he will star alongside the queen of the entertainment industry Anne Thongprasom in the movie “Bua Pun Fun Yub”.

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