Gulf Kanawut reveals that he wanted to work with Yaya Urassaya and Aff Taksaorn in the drama

On April 18, a handsome actor Gulf Kanawut joined the popular Thai TV3 show ‘3 Zaap’ as a guest.

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The TV show host Noom Kanchai asked “Who is the actress you want to work with the most?”

A popular star answered, “In the past, I wanted to work with P’ Aff Taksaorn.”

Noom Kanchai continued, “Now, who is the actress you want to work with?”

The famous actor says, “P’ Yaya. She is a superstar now. Also, she is talented. I want to work with her once.”

Gulf Kanawut is well-known for playing the leading role in “TharnType The Series”.

Lately, he reportedly signs a contract with Thai TV3.

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