Gyeon Talks About Boy Pakorn

Seo Qyeon is a Korean beautiful girl who is working in Thai entertainment for a long time but she is currently single without a boyfriend. She recently has a love news with Ritz The Star, Boy Pakorn, and her ex-boyfriend Arnuttaphol Sirichomsaeng (Ar The Star).

On the TV talk show Kui Zaap Show, the actress says that “No one flirts with me. Sometimes a man comes to flirt me but I’m currently single.”

The host asks her whether she talks to someone special. Qyeon replies, “I have only one close friend. He isn’t P’ Boy.”

She adds, “My news with P’ Boy was written a long time ago. I met him once at the studio filming a TV show. I have never met him again.”

The host continues asking whether Boy Pakorn is her ideal type. She answers, “Everyone has an ideal type when they were young. When we grow up, the ideal type isn’t important. When I was young, I like a tall guy. When I grow up, I like a nice man.”

The host asks whether she says yes if Boy Pakorn flirts her. She replies, “I’m ok because I’m single and available.”

Photo: queengyeon | boypakorn_raisailom

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