5 Handsome New Actors Who Steal The Hearts of Viewers

Many new and handsome actors appear in TV Series and dramas this year. Let see the list of 5 new handsome Thai actors below.

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Joss Way-Ar

With his handsome look, Joss Way-Ar is showing his great acting in a TV Series ‘3 Will Be Free’ alongside Mild Lapassaran and Tay Tawan.

Pond Ponlawit

Pond Ponlawit, Frung Narikun’s little brother, catches the audience’s attention with his cute look in a TV Series ‘My Ambulance’.

Billkin Putthipong

Billkin Putthipong is another handsome new actor from a TV Series ‘My Ambulance’. He has a handsome face with a beautiful smile.

Blue Pongtiwat

You probably know him well because he plays as ‘Pok’ or ‘Reynu’s son’ in a TV drama ‘Krong Karm’. Blue Pongtiwat is filming a new TV drama ‘Leh Game Ruk’ with Son Yuke and Esther Supreeleela.

Neng Saran

Neng Saran plays the leading role in a new TV drama ‘Phatu Kat’ with Tre Porapat. He has a lovely face and charming smile.

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