James Jirayu and Bella Ranee Talk About Their Upcoming Project

Yesterday, January 31, James Jirayu and Bella Ranee attended the grand opening of Central Plaza Shopping Mall in Nakhon Sawan together and talked about their new project.

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During the interview, James Jirayu admires that Bella Ranee is more pretty, and the actress replies that he is more handsome as well.

Bella Ranee reveals that she hasn’t worked with him in the drama after “Krong Karm” finished production.

However, she hasn’t played a couple with James Jirayu since “Padiwarada” finished airing.

The top actress states that she already read the synopsis of the new project which will be the rom-com drama. She gets a comedy role in this project, Bella adds.

Bella Ranee continues that she and the actor will have the costume fitting for this project in the next few months.

Also, a producer Somching has been waiting for her and James Jirayu’s free time out of their busy schedule for a long time, Bella confirms.

This new project is reportedly titled “Jao Khun Pee Gub E-Nang Kham Duang” and produced by “Padiwarada” producer Somching.

Many fans of James and Bella are so happy to hear this news and looking forward to this new project.

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