James Jirayu To Reunite With Taew Natapohn In A New TV Drama

James Jirayu to reunite with his shipped couple Taew Natapohn in a new TV drama ‘Leh Bupakarn’.

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The source says that the drama will produce by TV Scene Production of P’ Pin. The drama will be about a girl who lives in the present but can travel to the past about 1500 years ago.

“I’ll have a new TV drama ‘Leh Bupakarn’ playing a couple with P’Taew. This drama will be difficult to play. The main story is in the present but it will tell the story in the past, too.”

“I’m happy because P’ Taew is a good actress and we continue working together, that’s why we’re close. It’s easy for working together. I call her a professor and I’ll ask her for help if I have something,” he adds.

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