James Jirayu Wants Taew Natapohn To Gain Some Weight

On 31 May 2019, James Jirayu shared his photo with co-star Taew Natapohn on his official Instagram with a caption “I ask her to eat a cake to gain some weight but she denies it. Finally, I eat it.”

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On 01 June 2019, James Jirayu uploaded another photo of him and Taew Natapohn taken at the filming place of a new TV drama ‘Leh Bunpakarn’. The actor writes a caption that “Today, I have a new plan. I hold a Kiwi and she asks me whose fruit it is. I ask her if she likes it. She immediately replies that it tastes so good. I realize that it’s not easy to make her gain some weight.”

Photo: jirayu_jj

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