Kao Noppakao, Au Kittipon, Gina Yeena, Namfah Thunyaphat, and Denise Jelilcha Talked About Their Characters In The New Project

According to the latest entertainment news on Thai Channel 3, Kao Noppakao, Gina Yeena, Au Kittipon, Namfah Thunyaphat, and Denise Jelilcha lately had the costume fitting for their roles in the new project called “Sin Saeng Tawan”.

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During the interview, Namfah Thunyaphat reveals that she will be portraying the role of “Inkdao”.

She is fresh, well-behaved, and always supports her friends.

Gina Yeena shares that she will be taking on the role of “Plaifah”. She is a fierce girl with strong leadership and is good at everything she does.

Denise Jelilcha excitedly talks about her character named Nicha who comes from a wealthy family.

A rising actor Au Kittipon introduces his character named Kongthap. He is funny, energetic, and always brings joy to his friends.

Lastly, Kao Noppakao will be portraying the role of “Tawan” who is known for being warm-hearted and having a strong sense of justice.

“Sin Saeng Tawan” is a new project by Show It Drama production house. The drama revolves around the friendship of 5 best friends who establish a startup together.

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