Kao Supassara and Diana Flipo reportedly become free agents

2 beautiful Thai actresses Kao Supassara and Diana Flipo are best friends in real life. They have been working with Thai channel 3 for many years.

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Lately, they reportedly have become free agents after their contracts with the channel expired.

Kao Supassara gives an interview with reporters and opens up that her contract with Thai channel 3 comes to an end.

However, she is still filming the new drama “The Scammer Games” with Krating Khunnarong for Thai TV3.

Moreover, her new drama “The Root” in which she stars alongside Cris Horwang is coming on October 20.

For Diana Flipo, she replies her fan’s comment on Twitter that she actually becomes a free agent.

Also, she joined the popular show “The Wall Song” on October 22 after her contract with her label came to an end.

Her last drama with Thai TV3 will be “The Kinnaree Conspiracy” in which Nadech Kugumiya and Yaya Urassaya take the leading roles.

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