Kao Supassara and Chao Chaovalit Has A Sweet Time In Japan

On 14 April 2019, a beautiful actress Kao Supassara shared her photo with her boyfriend Chao Chaovalit at Funaoka Castle Riun Park in Japan.

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In the photo, they look so sweet with the beautiful view of cherry blossom. Many celebrity friends comment on the photo.

“Aiya,” Great Warintorn.

“So cute,” Apple Alrisa.

“OHO,” Vee Violette.

“Wow,” Kan Kantathavorn.

“P’ Chao, please look after my sister,” Bella Ranee.

“OHO! So cute,” Aom Sushar.

“Sweet,” Knomjean Kulamas.

“OHO! Wow,” Sunny Suwanmethont.

Chao Chaovalit and Kao Supassara open their relationship to the public during March 2019.

Photo: supassara_sp | chao_ctn


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