Here are the winners of Kazz Awards 2022

Yesterday, July 21, many famous Thai celebrities attended Kazz Awards 2022.

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Let’s check out the list of winners below:

Popular Girls of The Year: Plengkwan Nattaya, Ben Raviyanun, Jan Ployshompoo, Ingfah Ketkham, and Charlotte Austin.

Popular Boys of The Year: Tor Thanapob, Bright Norraphat, Zee Pruk, Kem Hussawee, and Tongtong Kitsakorn.

Young Girls of The Year: Love Pattranite, 4EVE’s Hannah, 4EVE’s Mind, 4EVE’s Jorin, and Namfah Thunyaphat.

Young Boys of The Year: Ohm Pawat, Nanon Korapat, Phuwin Tangsakyuen, Pond Naravit, and Mix Sahaphap.

Hottest Artist Award: Zee Pruk and Nunew Chawarin

Rising Star: Pixxie

Shining Star of The Year: Nunew Chawarin

Popular Male Artist Award: Mew Suppasit

Popular Female Artist Award: Ink Waruntorn

Trending Artist Award: ATLAS

Drama Award of The Year: Samee Chua Keun

The Best Scene: Bad Buddy The Series

The Best Actor of The Year: Nanon Korapat

The Best Actress of The Year: Bua Nalinthip

Kazz Magazine’s favorite: Cutie Pie Series

Most Trending on Social Media: Ingfah and Charlotte

Rising Male of The Year: Pond Naravit

Rising Female of The Year: Tu Tontawan



Popular Male Teenage Award: Bright Vachirawit



Popular Female Teenage Award: 4EVE’s Ah Eye

The Elegant of All Time Award: Min Pechaya

Superstar Award: Win Metawin and Baifern Pimchanok

Couple of The Year: Ohm and Nanon

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