Kem Hussawee with his leading ladies

A talented and rising actor Kem Hussawee with his 6 leading ladies in the TV dramas.

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Maggi Apa

Kem Hussawee debuted as the actor in the 2018 TV drama “Hi-So Sa Orn”. His leading lady is Maggi Apa.

Tubtim Anyarin

In the same year, he played the action TV drama “Jao Saming” with Tubtim Anyarin.

Now Tisanart

In 2019, Kem Hussawee played another TV drama “Huajai Look Poochai” with Now Tisanart.

Noey Paphada

Kem Hussawee played the leading role in the 2019 action TV drama “Dtagrut Ton” with Noey Paphada.

Thisa Varitthisa

This year, he has shown his acting skill in the new TV drama “Tawan Arb Dao” with Thisa Varitthisa.

Mookda Narinrak

Now, his new TV drama “So Wayree” is airing on Thai Channel 7. He plays a couple with Mookda Narinrak.

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