Ken Phupoom Tells The Reason Why He Changes His Last Name

Ken Phupoom tells the reason why he changes his last name to Pongpanupak. 

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The actor attends the event ‘King Power and Disney’s Endless Celebrations‘ with his girlfriend Esther Supreeleela and gives the interview with reporters.

Ken Phupoom says that he uses his last name ‘Pongpanu’ since he starts working in the Thai entertainment industry. He doesn’t have free time to change his last name for his ID. When he goes to change at the district office, someone already uses this last name, that’s why he changes his last name from ‘Pongpanu’ to ‘Pongpanupak’.

Ken Phupoom reportedly leaves his old manager and controls the schedule by himself. The actor gives the reason that he wants to work in the music and drama industry at the same time but his manager is talented in controlling the actor. He decides to leave his manager and control the schedule by himself as the new has reported.

Photo: esthersupree | ken_phupoom

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