Ken Phupoom Opens Up About His Contract With Thai TV3

On 26 January 2019, a handsome actor Ken Phupoom and his girlfriend Esther Supreeleela attended the event of ICONIC Multimedia Water Features and had the interview with reporters.

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Reporter: How about your contract with the channel?

Ken: My contract with Thai TV3 will be expired next year.

Reporter: Were you shocked when the news reported that you didn’t renew the contract with the channel?

Ken: Yes, I was. I checked my contract whether it has expired or not. After I checked it, I called the channel and asked whether my contract has expired or not because I thought that my contract was wrong. They told me that it hasn’t expired and I felt ok. In the contract, it’s still available for over a year.

Reporter: The news reported that you will play a couple with Pooklook Fonthip for PPTV after the contract has expired?

Ken: Oh! I still have a contract with the channel.

Reporter: Anyone contacts you?

Ken: No

Reporter: You have a new drama with Thai TV3?

Ken: A new drama ‘Raeng Ngao 2’ probably will premiere in April 2019.

Reporter: Why you leave a new drama ‘Song Sanaeha’?

Ken: I’m filming ‘Rang Ngao Rang Kaen’ and the schedule isn’t ok, that’s why I can’t play this drama.

Photo: ken_phupoom

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