Kimmy Kimberley talks about the moment Mark Prin proposes to her in Switzerland

Lately, Kimmy Kimberley opens up about the moment Mark Prin proposes to her in Switzerland.

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The actress says that there is no sign he is going to propose to her because there are only two of them on this trip.

She adds that he proposes to her 2 days before they are coming back to Thailand.

Kimmy Kimberley continues that she and the actor plan to make a clip video running into each other in each place for this trip.

At that place, he proposes to her before starting running.

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A popular star reveals that it’s just like a dream to her and she is so surprised.

She hears him say that there is no better place rather than here. After that, everything is just like a dream to her. Also, she shed tears of joy.

Kimmy Kimberley tells that she and her boyfriend have a tight schedule this year. Her wedding ceremony is maybe held next year.

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