Fans Want Watch A New TV Drama ‘Song Sanaeha’ After Seeing Kimmy Kimberley Plays This Crying Scene

A beautiful actress Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas is currently filming a new TV drama ‘Song Sanaeha’ with her co-star James Ma.

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In recent days, a behind the scene photo of Kimmy Kimberley at the filming place of a new remade TV drama ‘Song Sanaeha’ has revealed on the Instagram Gybsophilla.

For this crying scene, Kimmy Kimberley plays as Duen Yard, who is a popular celebrity. In this drama, she played 2 different characters who are twins.

Fans say that Kimmy Kimberley is so beautiful for this emotional scene and they’re waiting to watch this drama.

Photo: kimmy_kimberleyjibbierubie | gybsophilla


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