Kimmy Kimberley Talks Having A Meal With Anne Thongprasom

On 19 June 2019, Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas attended the opening ceremony and talk about having a meal with P’ Anne Thongprasom.

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Reporter: Recently, you have a trip to London?

Kimberley: I join the event of Cartier. I also had another special project when I was there.

Reporter: The international project?

Kimberley: Something like that.

Reporter: Will Thai fans see this project?

Kimberley: They will see it. It’s coming soon.

Reporter: Recently, you have a meal with P’ Anne. Both of you go with boyfriends.

Kimberley: I ask her to have a meal together because we have never met for a long time. She like eating Japanese food, that’s why I ask her to have dinner together.

Reporter: Which couple is sweeter?

Kimberley: Nothing sweet. It’s a dinner that sisters are talking to each other. We don’t talk much about private life.

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