Kimmy Kimberley Talks About Her Sweet Clip Video With Mark Prin

On 03 May 2019, Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas attends the event and has an interview with reporters about her sweet clip video with her boyfriend Mark Prin.

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Kimberley: On that day, we’re making a cake.

Reporter: You have a lovely moment.

Kimberley: A song is playing when we’re making a cake, that’s why I dance. I like making a cake but I do it alone. This time, other people and P’ Mark come to my home to help me.

Reporter: You set up the camera for filming when both of you making a cake?

Kimberley: A person I know film the video for us. When I watch it, I feel that it’s lovely.

Reporter: It looks so sweet.

Kimberley: We don’t need to add much sugar for making a cake. (Laugh)

Reporter: What kind of cake do you make?

Kimberley: It’s a cheesecake. It’s the first but it tastes good. Usually, it tastes not good for the first time I make it.

Reporter: It tastes good because you make it together.

Kimberley: (Laugh) my skill has developed.

Reporter: He shares the clip video.

Kimberley: I don’t know he posts it. He hasn’t discussed with me.

Photo: kimmy_kimberley | mark_prin


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