Kimmy Kimberley Says She Discusses With Mark Prin About Their Wedding Plan

Kimmy Kimberley says she discusses with her boyfriend Mark Prin about their wedding plan in the future after they have been in a relationship for 5 years.

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On 06 November 2018, Kimmy Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri attends the event of ‘CPN Life‘ with her co-star James Ma.

She gives the interview with reporters and says, “I talk with him about the wedding plan because every girl wants to be a bride. I want to get married when I’m 28 years old but I’m almost that age now. Then, I think I will marry him at the age of 30 but I’m almost 30, too.”

Kimmy Kimberley adds, “So I will get married when I get ready for it. Now we’re working hard and it’s the most important thing for us.”

Photo: mkpantip | kimmy_kimberley

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