The Most Favorite Leading Actress in Thai Drama 2022

As you can see, many Thai actresses showed wonderful performances in Thai dramas last year.

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And, today, January 04, the voting for ‘The Most Favorite Leading Actress in Thai Drama 2022’ is now open.

The nominees on the list are:

  • Baifern Pimchanok (A Tale of Ylang Ylang)
  • Gina Yeena (The Deadly Affair)
  • Janie Thienphosuwan (You’re My Makeup Artist)
  • Yaya Urassaya (Bad Romeo)
  • Kao Supassara (The Root)
  • Namtarn Pichukkana (Lipgloss Spy)
  • Anne Thongprasom (Sup Tar 2550)
  • Nychaa Nuttanicha (Rivalry)
  • Oom Eisaya (Poot Maenam Khong)

  • Namfah Thunyaphat (Aye, Khoi Hug Jao)
  • Patricia Good (My Friend, The Enemy)
  • Chippy Sirin (Love and Deception)
  • Bua Nalinthip (My Romance From Far Away)
  • Mint Chalida (Saan Sanaeha)
  • Cheer Thikumporn (My Cunning Destiny)

  • Mookda Narinrak (The in-Laws)
  • Pinkploy Paparwadee (Samee Chua Keun)
  • Nune Woranuch (Khem Sorn Plai)
  • Thisa Varitthisa (Khem Sorn Plai)
  • Pupe Kessarin (Buang Wimala)
  • Meimei Thanyawee (Oum Ruk Pathiharn)
  • Prapye Ramida (Krong Nampueng)

  • Kwan Usamanee (Samee Ngoen Phon)
  • Maprang Alrisa (Fah Than Tawan)
  • Namtan Tipnaree (My Dear Donovan)
  • Punpun Suttata (The Three GentleBros)
  • Mook Worranit (The Three GentleBros)
  • Jane Ramida (Mr. Superstar Hits On Me)
  • Min Pechaya (Devil Sister)
  • Mai Davika (Astrophile)
  • Tu Tontawan (F4 Thailand)

  • Fern Nopjira (The Love Proposal)
  • Plengkwan Nattaya (The Giver)
  • Vill Wannarot (My Lovely Bodyguard)
  • Green Ausadaporn (Bad Beauty)
  • Bee Namthip (My Queen)
  • Prang Kannarun (Fah Pieng Din)
  • Pooklook Fonthip (Flash Marriage)
  • Sammy Cowell (Sai Roong)
  • Marie Broenner (Revenge From The Past)

Voting Mechanics

  • You can choose only an actress on the list when you cast your vote.
  • You can vote once again after casting your first vote. (You can vote many times)
  • The Thai actress, who grabs the most votes, will be named ‘The Most Favorite Leading Actress in Thai Drama 2022’.
  • This poll will be closed on January 26, 2023, at 3 PM. (Time zone in Thailand)


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