Louis Scott To Reunite With Yam Matira In A New Drama

On 22 April 2019, Louis Scott, Yam Matira, Kratingg Khunnarong, Nink Saranya, and many others attend the opening ceremony of a new drama ‘Piphob Himmaparn’.

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According to the source, the drama will be produced by Mind at Work that is a production of a new drama ‘Plerng Naka’. ‘Piphob Himmaparn’ is a fantasy drama┬áthat has many scenes using the computer graphic as a big hit TV drama ‘Nakee’.

This is the second for Louis Scott and Yam Matira to play a couple after working together for the first time in a TV Series ‘My Heroes: Tai Peek Puksa’.

Photo: tanatanti | minds_at_work

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