Thai Celebrities And What’s In Their Bags? (Part 1)

Can you guess what’s in Thai celebrities’ bags? Check out the answers in the list below.

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1. Mai Davika

In her bag, she has a smartphone, notebook, sunglass, and leather cardholder wallet.

2. Perth Tanapon

In his small bag, there are sunglass, earphone, wallet, and lip balm.

3. Film Thanapat

He brings a book, wallet, earphone, power bank, smartphone, lip balm, sunglass, pen, highlighter pen, and a back scratcher in his bag.

4. Baifern Pimchanok

In her bag, there are earphone, camera, sunglass, car key, and purse.

Photo: baifernbah | davikah | perthppe | film.thanapat

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