Margie Rasri Shares The Family Photo On Instagram When Her Twin Babies Are One Month Old

On 04 May 2019, a beautiful actress Margie Rasri shared the family photo on her official Instagram account with a caption “Today, my twin babies are one month old. Please be good babies and hope you always smile like this forever.”

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Pok Passakorn and Margie Rasri met their baby boy and girl for the first time on 04 April 2019 after waiting for 9 months. Margie Rasri currently takes a break from playing a TV drama and stays home looking after her twins.

Fans, who miss the actress, can watch her own show ‘Pok Gie On The Run’ on YouTube. She always shows her daily life activities on the show with her husband and twin babies.

Photo: pokmindset | margie_rasri

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