Marie Broenner Admits She Is Dating Napat Injaiuea

On 12 June 2019, Marie Broenner attended ‘8th Daradaily Awards’ and had an interview about her relationship with her co-star Napat Injaiuea.

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Reporter: The news says that you’re dating Napat Injaiuea?

Marie: Really? I haven’t read it. (Smile)

Reporter: Is it true?

Marie: (Shy)

Reporter: He flirts you first?

Marie: We meet each other often because we work together.

Reporter: How do you fall in love?

Marie: He is lovely and I feel happy being with him?

Reporter: You fall in love at the filming place of a new TV drama ‘Look Krung’?

Marie: Actually, we’re filming this drama for a while but we just start the relationship.

Reporter: Any signs showing that he likes you?

Marie: No, firstly, we don’t talk to each other.

Reporter: He sends a message to you on LINE?

Marie: No, it’s not like that. We have a reason to start the relationship.

Reporter: He is into you as a friend or man?

Marie: Let ask him for this question.

Reporter: Your relationship just start?

Marie: It’s been 2 months.

Reporter: Now everything is ok?

Marie: It’s ok.

Photo: marie_broenner | gunnapat23

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