Mark Prin, Alek Teeradetch, and Boy Pakorn With Their Upcoming Projects

Mark Prin, Alek Teeradetch, and Boy Pakorn are all popular actors on Thai channel 3.

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All of them get much love from local and international fans. Also, many viewers are waiting for their upcoming projects.

Mark Prin

The top actor Mark Prin already finished filming his new drama “Eclipse of The Heart” alongside Bow Maylada.

Now, he is shooting another new drama “Love at First Night” with a talented actress Yaya Urassaya.

Based on his recent post on Instagram, the drama almost completed filming.

Boy Pakorn

According to the entertainment news, Boy Pakorn will have a new drama on Thai channel 3 this year.

However, the detail of the drama hasn’t been revealed yet.

Additionally, he is going to star in the new Korean movie alongside Taew Natapohn and other Asian actors and actresses.

Alek Teeradetch

“Rivalry” was his latest drama airing in early 2022.

The actor hasn’t started filming any new drama yet.

If you miss his performance, that’s the good news because he will have a new drama soon based on the source.

Please stay tuned for more updates about his upcoming project.

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