Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley with all their TV drama ratings

Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas have played a couple in the TV dramas for 5 times.

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Photo: IG mark_prin, kimmy_kimberley

They were paired for the first time in the 2011 TV drama “3 Noom Nuer Tong”.

The latest TV drama that they worked together is the 2018 TV drama remake “Kom Faek”.

Here is the list of TV drama ratings with the performance of Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley.

1. 3 Noom Nuer Tong (2011): 7.73 (Average Rating) and 10.8 (Highest Rating)

2. Panyachon Kon Krua (2012): 8.06 (Average Rating) and 11.4 (Highest Rating)

3. Ton Ruk Rim Rua (2013): 7.80 (Average Rating) and 11.7 (Highest Rating)

4. Ab Ruk Online (2015): 5.32 (Average Rating) and 6.7 (Highest Rating)

5. Kom Faek (2018): 5.35 (Average Rating) and 7.0 (Highest Rating)

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