A New TV Drama ‘Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee’ Gets Great Feedback From The Audience

On the 21st of April 2020, a new TV drama ‘Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee’ starring Mark Prin and Mew Nittha premiered on Thai TV3.

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Photo: IG annethong, thongentertainment

The report says that the drama got great feedback from the audience and reached 2.9% of ratings for the first episode. It’s the highest ratings for the first episode of Thai TV3 dramas that aired this year.

Also, the drama ranked at #1 on Twitter in Thailand on the day that the drama was broadcasting.

Anne Thongprasom says that she is happy because the drama got good feedback from the audience according to her new interview.

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