Mark Prin Talks About His Sweet 6th Anniversary

On 23 September 2019, Mark Prin attends the event and gives an interview with reporters about his sweet 6th anniversary.

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Mark Prin revealed that he worked on that day and then celebrated 6th anniversary with Kimmy Kimberley.

“As every year, it’s a special day. We go to have meal and a beautiful place. I choose one place and she chooses one, too. I book the restaurant and it tastes so good,” Mark Prin says.

“She takes me to a very beautiful place. We go to 2 places on that day,” he adds.

“The moment looks like a proposal,” the reporters ask Mark.

“Not yet. I see the picture is lovely and I post it. I think it should be better than this. I think about it but as I tell you I’m waiting for the suitability, chance, readiness, and everything. Not in a hurry. I’m not good at giving surprises. I have to plan for a proposal,” Mark Prin answers.


Photo: mark_prin | kimmy_kimberley

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