Mark Prin Talks About A Plan For Valentine’s Day Once Again

On 08 February 2019, Mark Prin attended the event of AIA Vitality and had the interview with the reporters once again.

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Reporter: Your plan for this Valentine’s Day. Have you got it because last time you said that you didn’t have it?

Mark: Not yet. I have talked to her. I’m rooting for that day whether I’ll have work or not. I want to do my best.

Reporter: You ask the production team not to work on that day?

Mark: I’m rooting for it. If I have to work, I must do it.

Mark: Like everyone, if I have work to do, I must do it first.

Reporter: Have you got a plan after work? Do you go to have dinner together?

Mark: Yes, I do. It’s an important day.

Reporter: Any surprising thing for her?

Mark: I probably ask…….her to book the sit at the restaurant. (He says as he will propose her)

Reporter: Worry about the wedding?

Mark: If it’s the time, it will be.

Photo: bo_bobie

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