Mark Prin opens up when will he tie a knot to Kimmy Kimberley

Lately, Mark Prin attended the event and opens up that he will maybe get married to Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas in late 2023.

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This year, he has 2 new dramas and also his girlfriend. Both of them need to complete filming the dramas first.

A popular actor continues that they haven’t chosen the wedding place yet.

Mark Prin says that he proposes to Kimmy Kimberley at this time because a newlywed house is being built. That has finished building about 50 percent.

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Asking if this newlywed house costs 50 million Baht, the top star reveals that he doesn’t want to talk about this.

He only tells that the house has 4 bedrooms and it includes the rooms for his kids, too.

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