Mark Prin Is Asked When Will He Get Married To Kimmy Kimberley

On 05 September 2019, Mark Prin attended the event and is asked when will he get married to his girlfriend Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas.

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Reporters: Have you ever thought how many years from now will you get married to Kimmy Kimberley?

Mark: I have ever thought about it but I can’t tell you. As my previous answer when I give an interview, it depends on a chance and opportunity. I really have thought about it.

Reporters: What’s the reason?

Mark: We don’t have free time due to our works. We want to complete and get ready for it. Actually, we’re waiting for a chance and time.

Reporters: You’re waiting for auspicious marriage date?

Mark: I didn’t find it yet.

Reporters: What is a chance that makes you feel that it’s the right time?

Mark: Is it the right time? Yes, it is. However, a day or other plans, we’re not serious about it yet. We haven’t planned it.

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