Mew Nittha admits that her husband wants a baby

According to the new interview of Mew Nittha, she admits that her husband Hi-So Shane actually wants to have a baby after getting married.

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The actress has talked with her husband that she wants to work first before having a baby.

She has discussed with him that they will probably have a baby after getting married for 2 years.

He knows that she likes working. So, he is waiting for her to complete her work before she is ready to have a baby.

For her, she enjoys working in the entertainment industry.

She is currently filming only the new TV drama “Duang Tah Tee Sarm” with James Ma.

Mew Nittha adds that the channel hasn’t contacted her to play the new TV drama yet.

She will continue playing the new TV drama if there is an interesting one.

Photo: IG mewnittha

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