Mew Nittha reveals she wants a baby boy and a girl

On February 04, Mew Nittha attended the event and had an interview with reporters.

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According to her interview, a popular star reveals that she wants a baby.

Lately, she also discusses with the doctor about having a baby.

The top actress says that she wants 2 children, a baby boy, and a girl.

Mew Nittha and Hi-So Shane tied a knot in early 2020 and it’s been a year since they got married.

In the interview, she adds that her new drama “Duang Tah Tee Sarm” playing a couple with James Ma almost finished its filming.

She has contacted to play the leading roles in new dramas. But, she tells the channel that she will take a break for a while.

Photo: IG mewnittha

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