Mew Suppasit, Gulf Kanawut, And More Ranked In ‘The Best Rising Actor of 2019’

Mew Suppasit, Gulf Kanawut, Bas Suradet, and more ranked in ‘The Best Rising Actor of 2019’.

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With his great performance in a TV series ‘Tharntype The Series’, Mew Suppasit ranked the first spot in the list. Followed by Gulf Kanawut is at #2 and Bas Suradet is at #3.

Plan Rathavit ranked at #4 and Mean Phiravich is at #5. Other young actors in the list are Perth Tanapon (6), Saint Suppapong (7), Mark Siwat (8), Kim Varodom (9), Copter Panuwat (10), and more.

Let check out the result of the top 20 rising actors below.

1stMew Suppasit25,495
2nd Gulf Kanawut24,518
3rdBas Suradet10,527
4thPlan Rathavit10,488
5thMean Phiravich7,958
6thPerth Tanapon6,612
7thSaint Suppapong3,848
8thMark Siwat1,784
9thKim Varodom1,771
10thCopter Panuwat1,771
11thGod Itthipat1,754
12thTae Darvid1,749
13thTee Tanapol1,701
14thSingto Prachaya1,570
15thKrist Perawat1,558
16thNine Kornchid1,090
17thJoong Archen1,037
18thOhm Pawat1,029
19thPP Krit937
20thBillkin Putthipong909

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