Mik Thongraya talks about Bow Maylada and his senior actress Aum Patchrapa

Mik Thongraya talks about his girlfriend Bow Maylada and the senior actress Aum Patchrapa.

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Photo: IG mik_thongraya, bow_maylada, aum_patchrapa

According to the entertainment news of GMM 25, Mik Thongraya admits that he doesn’t meet Bow Maylada often because they have a busy schedule.

They will go on a trip together when they have free time.

The actor adds that he misses her. That’s why he leaves a sweet comment on her Instagram photo.

For Aum Patchrapa, the actor says that he is more close to her after working together. She also buys a fan for him to use at the filming location.



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