Mik Thongraya Is Asked About Bow Maylada

Attending the event, a handsome actor Mik Thongraya is asked if he is flirting with his co-star Bow Maylada.

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Mik Thongraya says, “We’re just colleagues and I’m not flirting with her. We’re close after filming a TV drama together frequently. We’re getting closer. We go to do a good thing and have a meal together. We help and support each other.”

The actor admitted that he really went to the aquarium with her and many others.

Mik Thongraya adds that Bow Maylada is lovely and also his ideal type.

When the reporters ask if their friendship can turn into love in the future, Mik Thongraya says that he can’t answer this question now.

Photo: IG mik_thongraya | bow_maylada

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