Min Pechaya in discussion to play the leading role in the new Thai TV3 drama

According to Thairath, Min Pechaya in discussion to play the lead in the new Thai TV3 drama.

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Photo: IG dew_ka

Lately, the actress says that she really meets Khun Dew, the boss of Thai TV3.

She discusses with Khun Dew about a new drama. Also, she takes a photo with her.

Min Pechaya confirms that she is still a free agent.

The actress adds that she can play with all actors. It’s a good opportunity if she will work with Pope Thanawat in the new drama.

On December 03, Khun Dew reveals that Min Pechaya in talks to star as the lead in the new drama that will be produced by Nong Arunosha, a producer of Broadcast Thai Television.

But, the boss of Thai TV3 hasn’t confirmed who will play the leading actor alongside Min Pechaya.

Please stay tuned for more updates about this upcoming drama.

Photo: IG dew_ka, minpechaya

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