Mint Chalida Is Asked If She Will Have A Fan Meeting In Cambodia

On 08 June 2019, Mint Chalida attended the event in Cambodia and got a warm welcome from Cambodian fans.

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“It’s the first time for me in there. I’m so happy. I know that I have fans in Cambodia and I’m happy to meet them for the first time. They watch my TV dramas and like it,” Mint Chalida says.

“You got a cake from Cambodia fans,” the reporters ask.

“It’s 2 months before my birthday. The cake is lovely and tastes good. As I say, I know I have fans there but I don’t know there are many fans. They make a support banner and sing a song for me. They welcome me at the airport. I’m so happy because they live in another country but they like me and my TV drama. I don’t have much time talking with them. They give me flowers, cake, and more. They’re lovely. For a fan meeting there, I don’t have a plan because I never hold a fan meeting even in Thailand,” she adds.

Photo: mint_chalida

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