Mint Chalida And Puaa Taechanarong Admitted That They Were Apart Once In The Past

On 30 June 2019, a TV show ‘3 Zaap’ was back once again with the special guest Mint Chalida and her boyfriend Pupaa Taechanarong.

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On the TV show, Pupaa Taechanarong admitted that he was apart from Mint Chalida in the past. At that time, he had a deep appreciation for the dharma after his ordination.

Mint Chalida said that his siblings asked her to have a meal with their family often because they wanted her and Pupaa Taechanarnong to get back together.

At that time, a producer Tu Piyawadee told the production team to film a TV drama, which Mint Chalida was a leading actress, at Pupaa’s zoo located at Khao Yai province because she also wanted them to meet each other.

After 6 months, Mint Chalida and Pupaa Taechanarong got back together again.

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