Mint Chalida talks about her friend Toey Jarinporn and Hi-So Kit Bencharongkul

On August 30, Mint Chalida attends the event and gives an interview to reporters. She talks about Toey Jarinporn and Hi-So Kit Bencharongkul.

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Photo: IG mint_chalida, toeyjarinporn

Mint Chalida confirms that Toey Jarinporn is currently single. Her best friend spends her time with growing plants and collecting roses.

Between Toey Jarinporn and Hi-So Kit Bencharongkul, Mint Chalida says that they’re just friends.

Hi-So Kit is close to Toey Jarinporn and her for a long time. Also, he is close to her friends in the group.

Toey Jarinporn recently uploaded her photo with him on Instagram because she visited his museum, Mint Chalida adds.

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