Mookda Narinrak says she and Kem Hussawee get closer now

At the recent event, Mookda Narinrak admits that she and Kem Hussawee get closer due to they meet each other frequently.

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Kem Hussawee reveals that he is shy when he is with Mookda Narinrak. When he is with other people, he talks normally to them.

The actor adds, “I lose my way to her in everything”.

The reporters ask if Kem Hussawee is confessing his love for Mookda Narinrak.

The actress laughs and replies ‘No’ to the reporters.

Mookda Narinrak confirms that they’re now just co-stars.

Photo: IG hussawee, narinnarinrak

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    (November 6, 2020 - 1:44 pm)

    These are two people I love🖤🤍

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