Mookda Narinrak is asked if she is seeing Takphet Lekawijit

Mookda Narinrak lately gives an interview to reporters and admits that she is talking with someone. But, she doesn’t reveal who he is.

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The reporters ask if she is seeing the Thai channel 7 actor Takphet Lekawijit.

The actress replies ‘No’ to the question that she gets from the reporters.

Photo: IG narinnarinrak, takphet, hussawee

For Kem Hussawee, she says that he is just her good co-star and confidant who always support each other.

Many Thai and international fans wish Kem Hussawee and Mookda Narinrak were together in real-life.

They have such great chemistry when playing a couple in the Thai channel 7 drama “So Wayree” together.

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