The Most Favorite Thai Actor of 2022 (Group 5)

Voting is now open for the most favorite Thai actor of 2022 (Group 5).

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Thai actors on the list are:

  • Bright Vachirawit
  • Ohm Thitiwat
  • Fluke Natouch
  • PP Krit
  • Mix Sahaphap
  • Zee Pruk
  • Atthaphan Phunsawat
  • Singto Prachaya
  • Mew Suppasit

  • Pond Naravit
  • Phuwin Tangsakyuen
  • Bas Suradet
  • Dun Romchumpa
  • Copter Panuwat
  • Kimmon Warodom
  • Earth Pirapat
  • Up Poompat
  • Mile Phakphum

Voting Mechanics

  • You can choose Thai actors on the list as many as you want when you cast a vote.
  • You can vote once again after you cast your vote.
  • 5 Thai actors with the most votes will move to the finalists.
  • This poll will be closed on September 05, 2022, at 3 PM (Time zone in Thailand).


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