The Top 10 Most Talked About Thai Actors For The 4th Week of January 2024

Various Thai drama series are airing on television with the performance of wonderful actors.

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Based on our research, here are the top 10 most talked about Thai actors for the 4th week of January 2024.

1. Nonkul Chanon

“Find Yourself” leading actor Nonkul Chanon topped the list this week, following his successful acting career in Thai entertainment.

2. Aff Taksaorn

The second place goes to Aff Taksaorn who takes the leading actress in “Find Yourself”.

3. Minnie Phantira

Portraying a challenging role in “Nang That Hua Thong”, Minnie Phantira grabbed 3rd place.

4. Ah Eye Korranid

The idol/actress Ah Eye Korranid shows her undeniable performance in “Mystery of Spirit” and stays in the top 4.

5. Great Warintorn

Great Warintorn from “The Invincible” is in the top 5, having good chemistry with Namtarn Pichukkana in this action drama.

6. August Vachiravit

7. Jimmy Jitaraphol

8. New Thitipoom and Diana Flipo

9. Namfah Thunyaphat, Oab Oabnithi, Namtarn Pichukkana

10. Film Thanapat

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