9 Things You Need To Know About Most Witsarut

MostWitsarut becomes a popular actor immediately after TV drama Buppesunnivas aired on Thai TV3 because his character in this drama is so cute. He has many fans following his activities now.

Picture: Instagram

1. He was born on 06 January 1993. He is now 25 years old.

2. He has an older sister.

3. He has a skill playing guitar, singing, acting, and dancing.

4. He becomes an actor after joining the contest finding new stars in 2012.

5. His first TV drama was น้องใหม่ร้ายบริสุทธิ์.

6. He is well-known after playing as Joy in Buppesannivas.

7. He will have a new TV drama Fahfak Ruk (2018).

8. He is currently single.

9. He works under Broadcast Thai TV.

Picture: Instagram



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