Nadech Kugimiya Releases His First Solo Single

On 10 May 2019, a handsome actor Nadech Kugimiya released his first solo single “No Caption” on YouTube.

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“First, I don’t know what will it come out. On the day I record the sound, a vocal director tells me to sing in many different styles. I get a lot of experience singing this song. When I sing it many times, it’s more fun and I’m into it. It’s a kind of song that I like, too,” Nadech Kugimiya says.

“Please support my single “No Caption”. A person, who has a ticket, please gets ready to enjoy this song with a special guest and many other songs in a concert “The Real Nadech Concert on 19 and 20 May at Royal Paragon Hall”.

Photo: keaw_jung

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