Nadech Kugimiya Talks About Calling Yaya Urassaya Darling

On 24 May 2019, Nadech Kugimiya attends the event and talks about calling Yaya Urassaya darling at the concert.

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Reporter: It seems you open your relationship to the public because you call her darling.

Nadech: It’s not the opening. It’s already something like that and I feel happy. At the concert, my fans come to support me and I feel happy to say something that I want to tell fans and Nong Yaya, too. The good moment happens at that time.

Reporter: Script?

Nadech: Script is just a point, but it’s up to my feeling at that time. The first and second day aren’t the same.

Reporter: Are you shy?

Nadech: A little bit. I feel happy because I tell people I love. I mean I tell my fans at there, too. They’re happy.

Photo: keaw_jung | mim_sotaya 

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