Nadech Kugimiya Says He Is Happy Traveling With Yaya Urassaya

On 10 May 2019, Nadech Kugimiya attended the practice for his first solo concert “The Real Nadech Concert” and gave an interview with reporters.

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Reporter: Why do you delete the photo after posting?

Nadech: I don’t intend to share it because I create this account for a project.

Reporter: Let talk about a photo she posts. Do you think that it’s sweet?

Nadech: It’s good because we intend to take that photo and the caption is also good. (Laugh) Before she shares it on Instagram, she also asks me if it’s good to post that photo. Before she does something, she always asks me first.

Reporter: Many people talk about it a lot.

Nadech: It’s lovely. I don’t think that much.

Reporter: You’re not serious because your relationship is obvious?

Nadech: It’s something like that.

Reporter: Will we have a chance to see the photo that is sweeter than this one?

Nadech: It depends on the chance. (Smile)

Reporter: For this trip, what have you learned about each other?

Nadech: We understand each other. We take care of each other as we travel with friends and family. We share the feeling and idea.

Reporter: You know each other more because you’re together for a whole trip.

Nadech: Everything is good and it’s the best trip in many years.

Reporter: Will you travel together again soon?

Nadech: I’m not sure where will we go. 1 or 2 times per year is good because we have a job to do.

Photo: mim_sotaya

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